How to use Kanban views in Lightning

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If you're new to the Lightning console in Service cloud, you'll want to learn more about Kanban views! A case kanban allows you to visually summarize all of the cases for your agents, by status or priority. It's not only a board, but also a drag & drop tool that will help agents keep their cases moving towards resolution. 

Let's take a closer look at how Kanban views are used.

Kanban setup

From within any list view in Lightning, with the Recently viewed list being the only exception, you can select choose to display your list view as a Kanban board instead of a table. 

Once you select Kanban, you'll be asked to choose your Kanban settings to select how you want your cases to be grouped within the Kanban board. For example, you may want to have Status as your grouping to allow all your cases in this view to fall under one Status category each.



How is Kanban used?

With a few simple steps, you've turned your list view into a Kanban board. Now let's look at how Kanbans are used and the benefits of using this layout.

You can view all your cases categorized and grouped under the field that was pre-selected when the Kanban board was setup. In this view we selected Status (1) for our grouping. This helps agents quickly see at a glance, how many cases are currently New or Pending for example. Another neat and useful advantage is that you can modify the case record (2) directly from within the Kanban, without even opening the case! You can currently edit, delete or change the owner of the case from the Kanban layout. You are also able to see a total case count (3) per selected grouping directly from the header, a greatly useful feature that helps you keep track of your cases and their current status.


Drag & Drop

One of the most useful features with using a Kanban list, is that you can actually drag and drop cases directly from the board to move the records between your selected grouping. In our scenario, this allows us to easily to change a case status and move our cases along towards resolution!

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