Desk to Service Cloud Product Update FAQs

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What is changing?

We are announcing the retirement of the Salesforce product. We will stop selling to new customers completely on March 13, 2018. Our final end of life date for will be March 13, 2020--after that date, the product will no longer be supported. It will be fully retired and no longer available to our customers.

Why are we retiring Desk?

We’ve been listening to our customers, and we heard one thing loud and clear - they want the simplicity of an app like AND the full power of the Salesforce platform. So we built Service Cloud Lightning, which gives you the best of both worlds. Service Cloud Lightning is the next generation of Service Cloud, specifically designed to provide any company, regardless of size, with a flexible, modern customer service platform. Service Cloud Lightning builds on the strengths of and can be customized to meet your needs today and in the future. Companies using Service Cloud Lightning have increased agent productivity by 40%, contact resolution by 41% and customer retention by 34%. Check out this features video to learn more.

How are we assisting customers to transition to Service Cloud Lightning?

We understand this retirement may not be convenient for customers using, and we are here to help. We encourage you to migrate to Service Cloud Lightning. To make the transition to Service Cloud Lightning as smooth as possible, we are offering the following: 

  • License Exchange

    • License Exchange: customers can transition to the Enterprise edition of Service Cloud Lightning* at the same cost per user that is in effect for their subscriptions as of March 13, 2018**. Contact us to learn more.

      In addition, customers will receive the following add-on features for Service Cloud:

      • Knowledge

      • Live Agent (Chat)

      • Social Customer Service Pro (1)

      • Customer Communities (capped at 1,000 logins/month)


*Licenses will have read-only access to the Leads and Opportunity Salesforce objects and access to create one custom object.
If you currently have a no charge subscription plan, such as a Freemium plan, please contact us to discuss your options.

  • Step-by-Step Migration: All customers will have access to help migrating to Service Cloud Lightning, including:

    • Self-service resources with step-by-step guidance to get up and running

    • Webinars and live expert assistance from Salesforce to answer questions throughout the process and help with implementation

    • Data migration tools and assistance to move data over

    • Partners/Resources that have substantial experience implementing more complex migrations through paid engagements

    • Assets to help train your teams so they can successfully support your customers

What are the benefits to you of moving to Service Cloud Lightning?

We’ve highlighted a few of the advantages you’ll gain from Lightning. Check out our full Benefits Guide to see more    

  • Advanced reporting: Now you’ll have the ability to create real-time custom reports and dashboards, use business hours for more precise results and even schedule reports!

  • Multi-Channel Support: Now you’ll be able to respond through multiple channels (email, phone, social, chat) from a single case, saving agents time and improving your customer’s experience.

  • Omni-Channel Routing: This allows you to intelligently distribute cases to the right agent based on agent skill set, availability and capacity, driving up productivity and decreasing response times.

  • Rich Text Editor: Customize the emails you send to customers by easily formatting text, adding bulleted or numbered lists and adding inline images or links.

Ready to learn more about Service Cloud Lightning?


Transition Overview Journey

Begin your guided journey from Desk to Service Cloud

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Implementation Journey

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Or, join us for our Desk to Service Cloud webinar series as we help you on your Service Cloud journey, from getting started through to successful adoption.

What action do I need to take now?

There is no immediate action you need to take right now. However, prior to March 13, 2020, you should evaluate and migrate to Service Cloud or another service.

What are my options? Can I stay on Desk? Can I use the product after the end of life date on March 13, 2020?

You can renew your Desk contract but the contract can't end past January 31, 2020. Active accounts on January 31, 2020 will still have access to their site until March 13, 2020. That wil give you 30+ days to retrieve your data before Desk becomes unavailable. We are committed to ensuring that Desk continues to be available and reliable for our customers until the end of life date. We highly recommend taking advantage of the pricing offer to move your current subscriptions to Service Cloud, as described above. If you would like to move to Service Cloud, please allow enough time to switch your subscription to Service Cloud and complete your implementation prior to March 13, 2020. As of March 13, 2020 the product will be fully retired and no longer available to you. Please also make sure you give yourself enough time to export any data if you are not planning on migrating to Service Cloud Lightning.

Can we trial Service Cloud while still keeping our Desk account?

Yes, we encourage you to do so. You can sign up for a trial of Service Cloud and set up and test functionality while continuing to use for your business prior to the end of life.

How can we get access to Service Cloud right now?

Sign up for a free 90-day* trial of Service Cloud Lightning: Desk to Service Cloud Trial

We’ve customized this trial to give you some of the Desk look and feel and functionality you are used to, saving you hours of setup time! We highly recommend downloading the accompanying Workbook to learn more about what's in the trial and how to further customize it for your company.
*Trial length can be adjusted. Please see the next FAQ

How long is the Service Cloud trial and can it be extended?

If you sign up for our customized Service Cloud Lightning trial, you will be able to take advantage of the trial for 90 days. If you would like to extend the trial beyond 90 days, you can request an extension by contacting the Support team here.

What does it take to move from Desk to Service Cloud?

We can help you think through the plan to transition to Service Cloud. We have created a Trail that helps you to determine if you’re ready for a move and how to plan for it along with a step-by-step guided journey. Our Trailmix will help get you started on setting up Service Cloud to meet your needs. For advanced setups or development needs, we have created a network of go-to partners to assist you.

What resources are available to me to help migrate my Desk data to Service Cloud?

If you need a way to move your data from to Service Cloud there are a number of tools available to you, including a data migration tool that is easy to use. Please review our Data Migration Guide to help you pick the right tool for your use case.

Please take a look at our full to Service Cloud Migration Resources along with many useful articles on our Desk to Service Cloud brand within our Support Center.

What effort is involved in implementing and adopting Service Cloud?

With any move from one system to another, it’s a good time to think through your business processes and how those fit in within your overall solution. We have built a number of resources to help you think through this and help your teams adopt.

Attend our Desk to Service Cloud webinar series to learn more

You can also review some of our adoption resources here.

If you want to explore working with an implementation partner to help you, we work with a number of trusted partners who can help you scope the level of effort for your transition.

What partner resources do you have to help me move?

Please see our Partner FAQ page for details on partner resources.


How do I learn how to use Service Cloud?

The Service Cloud Success Hub is a great place to start with resources to help you get started on your journey.

Trailhead is another great resource to learn about Service Cloud. We have created a Trailmix with some key modules, but there are lots more you can explore.

Attend our webinar series to learn more about migrating to Service Cloud. Sign up here.

How do I make this move to Service Cloud happen?

Please contact Support and we can direct you to the right resource to help you switch to Service Cloud.

How do we get support from Salesforce?

  1. Support prior to moving to Service Cloud

    • The Desk Support team will be happy to help you with Desk or Desk to Service Cloud related questions prior to you entering into a new Service Cloud contract with Salesforce. You can contact Desk Support here.

  2. Support during your Desk Courtesy Contract

    • Desk product support:

      • When you switch your Desk subscription for a new Service Cloud subscription, you will be provided an additional courtesy contract for Desk upon request. A courtesy contract is typically 90 days in length, allowing you to continue to use Desk during this time. The Desk Support team will continue to provide you support with the Desk product during this time.

    • Service Cloud product support:

      • The Desk Support team will also be happy to help with Desk to Service Cloud related questions during your courtesy contract. You also have the option to reach out to the Service Cloud Support team for Service Cloud related questions only.

  3. Support after your Desk Courtesy Contract has expired

    • Once your Desk courtesy contract has expired you will no longer have access to At this point you can reach out to the Service Cloud Support team for ongoing help. Login in to Salesforce and you will be taken to Help & Training. Click the blue Contact Support button at the bottom of the page. Then click the Create a Case link in the left navigation and follow the prompts. You will also find lots of other useful resources here to help you on your Service Cloud journey.


What kind of support is available to me after I move to Service Cloud?

All customers automatically receive the Standard Success Plan for Service Cloud. It is also possible to upgrade your Success Plan to Premier or Premier+. To learn more about what’s included in the different success plans please start here.

Here are some additional resources to help make you successful:

We recommend signing up for our customized trial so you have longer to test out Service Cloud functionality.

How can I get more information?

This Desk to Service Cloud trailhead is a great resource for Desk customers who are considering Service Cloud

Attend one of our upcoming webinars about migrating to Service Cloud. Sign up here.