Data Deletion: Delete Personal Data

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Get guidance on deleting personal data as you comply with various data protection and privacy regulations. We give you examples of common customer requests and things to consider. That way, you can determine how to best comply with the regulations that apply to your company.

Data protection and privacy regulations can require you to delete customers’ personal data when customers request it, or when it’s not necessary to keep. We’ve listed a few of the regulations that are important to many companies collecting and processing their customers’ data.

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), European Union
  • Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA), Japan
  • Privacy Act, Australia

If you have customers or users who want the data that you’ve collected on them deleted, review these common requests and the procedures related to them.

Common Customer Request Things to Get You Closer to Compliance Things to Consider

My customer wants his identifying information removed from cases.

Find and delete customer identifying content in cases.

To find and remove all references to a customer or partner, perform a global search.

An agent is no longer associated with my company, and I want to delete their data.

Delete the agent’s profile.

To find and remove all references to an employee, perform a global search.