Data Portability: Give Customers Their Data when They Want It

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Export customer-related data when customers request it, so that you can work toward complying with various data protection and privacy regulations. We give you examples of common customer requests and things to consider when you evaluate your compliance with the regulations that apply to you.

When requested, provide the data you’ve received from your customers on cases to comply with various data protection and privacy regulations.

Some laws require you and your company to let customers take their data with them. We’ve listed a few of the obligations that are important to many companies collecting and processing their customers’ data.

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), European Union
  • Customer Contracts

If you have customers or users who want to take the data that you’ve received from them, review these common requests. We’ve provided links to the procedures related to those requests.

Common Customer Request Things to Get You Closer to Compliance Things to Consider

My customer doesn't want to do business with us anymore and wants to take data regarding her activity with her.

Export cases.

Are there other places that this data is stored? Find and export that data as well.

You can download and share CSV files of a customer's data.

If that person no longer wants you to keep the personal data you’ve collected, you can delete it

My customer wants to know how many cases she has filed with my company.

My customer wants to know how many points of contact my company has for him.

My customer wants all information they've provided in a case, or all cases.