How to edit custom case field values that are locked by Desk Connect.

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As an administrator of Desk and Salesforce, it is sometimes necessary to update custom field values in the systems from time to time. Occasionally, you'll notice that there is no red x to remove a value in a custom case field. Desk fields will become "locked" from editing to protect the Desk Connect synchronization process.

If you need to make changes to a custom case field in Desk for example it may be necessary to come to the Desk Connect Field Mappings page first to temporarily "un-map" the fields. Then you'll have the opportunity to make the necessary edits to your custom field values.

When you're finished making the changes, come back to the Desk Connect Field Mappings page and "re-map" the fields again so the synchronization process can update the cases accordingly in Salesforce and in Desk via Desk Connect. 

In the Desk Admin / Site Settings / Desk connect / Field Mappings / then click the Case Tab. Here you will find the active mappings between Salesforce and Desk. 

After all the new values are updated and confirmed that they are Mapped via the Desk Connect settings, you will need to trigger an update on the Cases to force the synchronization process to make the updates on the cases. 

You are able to perform any type of (bulk) update on the cases in Salesforce, such as adding a note for example. This will trigger the synchronization process to update to the Cases in Desk and in Salesforce.