Beam Suitable Tech Customer Success Story

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“I did not have Salesforce admin experience previously, but I utilized Trailhead to help implement and perform admin tasks.”

- Ryan Siemers, Success Technician | Suitable Technologies


Suitable Technologies

Suitable Technologies initially purchased Desk for the integration with Salesforce.
Needed reporting that was not limited to custom fields and some reporting required manipulation of workflows to extrapolate data.
Better accountability and visibility across Sales and Support.  

Utilize Trailhead to learn Service Cloud and help implementation.
Customizable reporting that relate to specific models’ components and help bubble up problems to address with manufacturing.
Support acts as a source of lead generation for first-time contacts.


  • Moved from to Service Cloud platform to provide greater visibility across the company, and tap into the power of Salesforce Reporting.

  • Support receive inquiries from first-time contacts, who have questions that Sales would normally handle. Using Salesforce, Support can create an opportunity directly and point the contact to Sales. It helps the team get out of email, and directly assign the leads to Sales.

  • Taking advantage of Salesforce reporting: Can now report on issues by model type.