Sun Basket Customer Success Story

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“We migrated to Service Cloud to increase visibility into customer issues and react quickly to any ingredient quality concerns. Service Cloud offers us greater flexibility to customize the customer experience.”

- Brett Frazer, Head of Customer Service | Sun Basket


Sun Basket migrates from Desk to Service Cloud to improve reporting capabilities and for seamless integrations.

Healthy meal kit delivery company required improved reporting and ability to tag multiple issues in one case.
Wanted a case management solution that integrated seamlessly with their Call Center, CRM, ERP and Internal Database.
No Salesforce admin on team.

Partnered with RelationEdge to migrate and setup dashboards that capture all customer issues in each case for weekly reporting.
Cross-technology integrations offers team ability to react real-time to quality concerns and proactively communicate to customers.
Desk admin uses Trailhead to learn Salesforce and currently working towards Salesforce certification


  • Moved from a out-of-the-box tool to Service Cloud platform

  • Ability to capture multiple issues linked to one case for Operations and Fulfillment visibility

  • Fast, weekly reporting; cut down time spent on weekly reporting from 2 days to under a day

  • Reporting analysts can now manage all reporting independently without input from the data science team who helped join data from the internal customer database