Use Textile to Create Rich Text Markup in Agent Replies

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Textile is a lightweight markup language that uses a text formatting syntax to convert plain text into structured HTML markup. Desk uses Textile to make it easier and faster to send HTML-formatted information back to customers without having to manually code HTML within your tickets. This is great for styling and formatting your Case or Q&A replies. Textile works only for replies and does not work for notes.

Note: The Next Gen Agent does not have an option to preview the textile content, but the recipient will receive the formatted reply. There is a canvas application that can be installed to add the preview functionality in Next Gen Agent. 

Enable Textile

Textile is enabled by default but you can check by going to Admin > Cases > Agents. Then verify "Allow Textile in Emails" is set to On. Once you enable it, you will see that responses in the Agent Console allow Textile. You can always preview any Textile with the Preview option.


Format your content 

Textile Preview

h1. Header 1

h2. Header 2

h3. header 3

h4. header 4

Textile Header Preview

*this is for bold*
_this is for italic_

_*this is for bold and italic*_

+this text is underlined+

Textile Emphasis Preview
Block Quote


bq. These are block quotes. 
Note the line gap before and after.


Textile Blockquote Preview
Block Quote Multiple Paragraphs


bq.. First Paragraph of block quote

Next paragraph of block quote. Note that the following paragraph should have p.

p. Text

Textile Blockquote Multiple Paragraphs Preview
Ordered List

# First list item
# Second list item
## Second level list item
# Third list item
Third item continued
#_ Fourth list item

Textile Ordered List Preview
Unordered List

* An item in a bulleted list
* Second Item of the list
** Second Level
*** Third level
* Third Item
*# Mixed List 1
*# Mixed List 2
* Fourth Item

Textile Unordered List Preview
Web Link

"link text(title tooltip)":linkAddress

Here is the link to "'s website)": website

Add Image from a Link

!imageurl(alt text)!

Example: This link shows an inline image of a Penguin with the tool tip "Hi!"

Note: You can embed images that are hosted and public. Local images cannot be embedded.

Textile Image Preview
Inline Code Snippets

You can use @std::cout << "This is line of code";@ 
to print out a line in C++. However, there cannot be linebreaks in the quoted code

Textile Inline Quote Preview
Block Code

A sample Ruby program

bc. # Output "I love Ruby"
say = "I love Ruby"
puts say

I hope you liked it

Block Code with blank lines

A sample Ruby program

bc.. # Output "I love Ruby"
say = "I love Ruby"
puts say

response = gets.chomp
puts "You said: " + response

p. I hope you liked it. Note the 'p. ' to stop the block 

Textile block quote with blank lines Preview

Take note that you have to leave a space between your text and any parenthesis.

1: Here is some test text AB(have a great day) 
2: Here is some test text AB (have a great day)