How to redirect your Support Center to your Service Cloud Community

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If you are using you may have articles already set up in your Support Center that have Desk-specific article URL syntax.  Once you set up your articles on your Service Cloud Community, the syntax of the Service Cloud-specific article URL will be different. You cannot use the Desk-specific article URL syntax in Service Cloud.

For example the article URL on looks similar to this syntax:
Once migrated to Service Cloud, the article will have a syntax that looks similar to this one:

As you can see the syntax are very different, and there is no way to redirect a specific article to a specific Service Cloud article via either admin.  

If you are using a CNAME:
Discuss the situation with your internal IT Team or Web Developers. For example, if you are using a CNAME , you could have your own team handle the direct redirect in DNS or your web server as they manage those. They would need to redirect every article URL individually. So for example, requests made to the article   would be explicitly redirected to the Service Cloud article. Again, this is something that would be managed by your own team. This article gives a very good explanation of 301 redirects which are commonly used to redirect a specific article to a specific Service Cloud article.

If you are not using a CNAME:
If you are using the default URL (  without a CNAME and / or you have it embedded in your help articles or mobile app, we recommend that you start planning on changing these URL's in your help articles or mobile app as soon as possible to reflect the Service Cloud Community URL. The URL wont exist after the retirement in March 2020. We also recommend that you notify your customers of the change in your support center URL as well.

You can redirect your customers to the home page of the new Service Cloud community, so that when they access anything your Support Center  (including direct article URLs's), they would get redirected to your Service Cloud community home page  and not the specific article , and would need to search for the article again. This will only work until the servers are shut down in March 2020. Here is how you would handle this:
1. Go to Admin->Channels-Support Center_>Web Themes-> and click "Add Theme"
2. Name your theme "Redirect Theme"
3. In the "Redirect Theme" go to ->Advanced Themes->Layout
4. Delete the code shown there and replace it with the code listed here  as shown below:
5. Click Update.
6. To test this theme or go live with it, set it to be your default theme.

These instructions should help you to redirect your customer to your Service Cloud Community.