Managing Articles and Topics on your Service Cloud Community

Last Updated - had the features for managing articles and topic on your support center. Service Cloud has similar functionality for managing Articles and Topic on your Community.

In order to do so, you will need to have had to have completed some prerequisites
Have you either manually set up your community, or set up your community using the wizard?  having a community set up properly  is required in order to take these steps.

You need to already have articles set up on your Service Cloud org. You can either set up Knowledge manually and then create your own articles (you would need to manually create your own topics, explained below in step 5), or you can migrate your articles and topics using the article migration steps in the Migration Wizard .

Once you have confirmed that your prerequisites are completed, you are ready to manage your articles and topics. To manage:

1. Go to the gear icon in the  upper right and click Setup.
2. Select "All Communities" and then click "Workspaces" next to your community name.

3. Click the Content Management tile

4. Click on Topics from the menu bar across the top.

5. If you already have topics set up you will see them listed here, and then you can skip step 5 and go to step 6.

If you need to add new topics this is where you add them.
To add a new topic click the New button.

Name your topic, give it a Description and check "Enable for Content".  Then click "Save".

You will see your topic listed.

6. Click on "Featured Topics" to add it to the home page of your community.

7. Start typing the name of the topic, select it from the menu and then click the "+ Add" and "Save".

8. If you want to have a descriptive image tile displayed on your community to represent your topic, click the pencil icon. If you do not wish to use an image, then you can skip to step 9.

To upload your image click the "Upload Thumbnail Image" link , select your image and then click "Save".

9. To add your articles to their respective topics, click on Article Management.

10. Click the Pencil next to the article that you wish to add to a topic.

11. Click Add Topic, and start typing the topic name where you want the article to reside on your community. Select  the topic, and click  "Save".

Repeat these steps for all of your topics and articles to display them on your community. You have completed all of the steps.

Go and review your community, you should see your topics listed there in the "Featured" section on the home page.

When you click on the topic tile you will see the articles listed  inside each.