How to Add Custom Fields to Cases, Contacts, Accounts or Knowledge

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Just like in Desk, you have the ability to add Custom Field to Cases, Contacts, and Accounts in Service Cloud. In Desk you did this in Admin > Cases and then clicking into either Case, Customer, or Company. 

Here's how you can do this in Service Cloud:

First head in Setup under the Cog icon. Once in Setup use the Object Manager Tab like so:

As you can see above, you have all your Objects that are available. The main ones are Case, Contact, and Company.

Next, click into the one you wish to add a custom field for - here I we clicked into Case:

Once inside the Case Object, you will have a selection of option to the left of the screen. To add a Field we click into Fields and Relationships, and then hit the New button.

On the next screen (below) we are presented with lots of field type choices. The ones most people use in Desk are Picklists, Boolean (True and False), and Text Fields. 

We selected Picklist for this example:

You can see we give the Custom Field a name, and as this is a Picklist we assign it options that will be available to select from the list.

Now we click on "Next" and set the Field Level Security:

Field Level Security is where you can chose who in your Org can view Edit the field, or if they can only view this in Read Only mode.

Once we hit next, we are prompted to chose which Page Layouts this is available on:

As this is a Case Custom Field, the options are related to the Layout of Cases. A Layout is what is shown on the screen when you Agents are working on a Case, Contact, or Account.

Hit Save and that's it. You've added a Field to one of your Objects (In this example we added a Picklist to the Case Object).

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