How to Add a Custom Field to the Case Layout

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In Desk you can add your Custom Fields to the Case Layout by going into Admin > Cases > Cases → Case Layout. You can also do this in Service Cloud by editing the Case Page Layout.

Here's how you can do this in Service Cloud:

Go into Setup by clicking on the Cog Icon. Once in there click on the Object Manager tab to the left hand side:

Once you are in the Case Object, click into the menu item Case Page Layouts, and then click into "Case Layout":

Now you will see a control panel, full of fields and option, as well as your Case Page Layout. Here you find the Custom Field you like to add to the Layout, and simple drag it from the control panel down onto the page, like below:

Hit the Save button in the top left of the Control Panel, and the go back out to a Case in the your Service Console, to see the Custom Field show up where you just added it.

No you can start to add all the Custom Fields you need to collect data on via your Cases.

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