How to remove Discussions and My Feed from your community

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In Service Cloud communities there is a section called Discussions and My Feed.

There was no Discussions and My Feed section in the portal, so you may not want to use these on your Service Cloud community. To remove Discussions and My Feed from your community take the following steps:

1. To edit the community theme go to Setup.

2. Then type  All Communities in the quick find box.

3.Then click on Builder next to the community that you want to edit.

4. On the Home page click the trash can icon next to the Featured Topics & Feed section

5.Confirm the deletion.

6. Then go to the components icon, and select Featured Topics, and drag and drop it on the Content section.

It will look like this:

7. If you want to rename the component title, you can otherwise click the X to close the floating window.

8.Click Publish

9.Click Preview to see the changes .

This change only affects the home page.

You will need to go to each relevant page and make this change there as needed.