Creating a guest user community using the Help Center template

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In you could disable Private Access, which would make your community open to the public without a login. After you have set up your community using the wizard, you may decide that you do not wish to require a log in and that you can make the community open to the public as well.

If you look at this screen shot, it shows the community with a login.

To remove this functionality, you would take the following steps.
Here is how:
1. To edit the community theme go to Setup.

2. Then type  All Communities in the quick find box.

3. Then Click on Workspaces next to the community that you want to edit.

4. Then click the Administration tile.

5. Then click on Settings and then Change Template.

6. Select the Help Center template,

7.  Click the Get Started button.

8. Then click Start

9. Give your help Center a name and a URL path, and then click Next.

You will get the progress window as shown below:

10. Once that is done you will be asked to select your Community Articles.  Select Community Articles in your Data Categories and Selected Topics.

You may need to go back later and select your actual Topics and Articles articles manually, using the steps outlined in the article 
Managing Articles and Topics on your Service Cloud Community

11. You will then choose the Users that will be allowed to Author your articles. Then click Next.

12. On the next screen you can select the  fields that you want to show on your Contact Support form, add custom fields, and change the order of the fields. Then click Next.

13. On the What's Next screen, click the Finish button.

14. Go back to Setup.

15. Go to your new community.

16. Review the site and make any customization and changes a needed.