How to update the User Profile menu and remove My Cases in your community

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In you had the ability to allow your users to see "My Cases" or their case history in the portal. In Service Cloud you also have this ability in the Customer Service template by default.

The following instructions will explain how to  edit the User  Profile menu as well as remove Case History, Chatter Feed and components from your User Profile page.

1. To edit the community theme go to Setup.

2. Then type  All Communities in the quick find box.

3. Then Click on Builder next to the community that you want to edit.

4. When your template opens, click the User profile menu. In the floating window, you can check the checkboxes  next to the items that you want to show in the menu, and you can also rename the other other menu items.

When you are done editing the menu just click the X to close the window.

If as a community user you clicked on the "My Profile" menu item from the menu, it would take you to the User Profile page.

On this page you can see the users profile, plus the related chatter feeds, the users cases as well as the influence, chatter groups they belong to, related files ,who they follow and who follows them on chatter.

To edit the My Profile page:

5. In the builder, go to the Pages selector and select the  User Profile page.

6. Click on the trash can icon to delete the User Profile section.

Confirm the deletion.

7. Then go to the Components icon and select the user Profile Detail component, to add the users profile back without all of the other features.

If they fit your needs, y can add other components that are listed as well.

8. To add the component just drag it from the menu and drop it on the Content section on the page.

Click the X to close the floating window.

9. When you are satisfied with the components that you have added to your page, click Publish.

10. Click the Publish button in the pop up window.

11. Click the Got it button in the next floating window.

12. Click the Preview button to review your work.