How to use Custom CSS on your Service Cloud Community

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In you had the ability to  use the Advanced Theme Editor or the Custom CSS sections in the web theme to add your own custom CSS to your support center. In Service Cloud you also have the ability to override the default CSS and add your own.

The following instructions will explain how to add your own custom CSS to your Community.

1. To edit the community theme go to Setup.

2. Then type  All Communities in the quick find box.

3. Then Click on Builder next to the community that you want to edit.

In our example we are going to use CSS to hide the "My Settings" menu option from the  User Profile menu.

4. In the builder, click on the Theme button in the upper left area. When it expands click the drop down and select Edit CSS.

5. Insert your custom CSS and click Save.

6. Click Publish.

7. Click the Publish button in the pop up window.

8. Click the Preview button to review your work.

In our example we removed the My Settings menu option from the menu using  simple snippet of CSS.

However, you or your web developers can use any custom CSS to completely customize the look and feel of your Service Cloud Community.