How to update your logo and header image

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In you could select the header and log image for your support center in the Web Theme or Advanced Theme Editor.

You can do the same thing in Service Cloud Communities. These instructions will explain how:

1. To edit the community theme go to Setup.

2. Then type  All Communities in the quick find box.

3.Then click on Builder next to the community that you want to edit.

4. Once in the builder go to the Theme icon and then select images from the menu.

5. On the images screen, click on the current logo or header image to replace it.

6. You will be prompted to select the image.  Click the Upload Image button.

You can navigate to and then upload it from your Desktop. Once you select it click the open button.

You can repeat this process for both the logo and header image when needed.



7. Click the X to close the Theme editor.

8. To preview the site click on the Preview button. Once Satisfied you can click Publish.

You can see the new image(s) on your Salesforce community.