How to route cases submitted from a Community to a Queue using Process Builder

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In you had the ability with rules to route cases to certain filters based on conditions that you set in the rules.  While the end result is the same in Service Cloud, how we get there is a bit different.

This article will explain how to route cases submitted from your Contact Support form on your community to a specific queue.

There are some prerequisites before you can continue, you will need to create a queue, support process and record type. The steps for each are listed below.

1. Instructions  to create a queue
Once you have created your queue, you will need to note the 15 digit queue ID in the URL for the queue. 

You will need to convert this 15 digit queue ID to an 18 digit queue ID. To convert the queue ID please use The screen shot below explains how to convert the ID.

Please note that you will use this 18 digit ID in the process builder in the steps below.

2. Instructions to create a support process

3. Instructions to create a record type

Once you have created your record type, you will need to note the 18 digit record type ID in the URL. 

Please note that you will use this 18 digit ID in the process builder in the steps below.

If you have created a global action for your community, you will want to go back and change the record type to match if needed. The instructions for creating a Global Action are listed here.

Once all of this has been completed we can proceed. The steps below will enable you to have cases that are submitted from your Community get routed to a specific queue, support process and record type so that they can be optimally handled by your agents. To set up the process builder that will handle this:

1. Click the large gear icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen and select Setup.

 2. In the Quick Find box type "Process Builder" and hit enter. Select Process Builder.

3. Click New.

4. Name your process, give it an API name, and description and then select The Process Starts "when a record changes" and click Save.

5. In the upper left you will see a Start icon. Click the Plus sign next to "Add Object" that is below the Start icon.

6.  In the panel on the right, select Object = Case and the "Only when a record is created" radio button, then click save.

Note: You should always read and understand the warnings. In this case you can ignore them as they are referencing other process builder rules which are not related or in conflict with this process.

7. You will see the "Add Object" icon changed to "Case".

8. Click the Plus sign next to "Add Criteria".

You want to select the Criteria as shown below:

9. Name your Criteria and select the "Conditions are Met" radio button.
10. Select "Record Type ID" from the drop down and click Choose.

11.  Your Condition should be Case Record Type ID Equals ID, but you need to input a value. To get this value, you need  to use the 18 digit ID of your record type from the previous section.
12. Then click Save.
13. To the right of Add Criteria you will see Immediate Actions, click the Plus sign next to Add Action.

14. Select Action Type = Update Records.

15. Name your action.

16. Then Select the Case record that started your process as the "Select a Record to Update", and click Choose.

17. Select "No Criteria, Just Update the Records" as your Criteria for Updating Records .

18. Your Action should be Owner ID  (do not select Queue) Equals  the 18 digit queue ID . Then click Save

19.  Activate your Process Builder Workflow, and Confirm.