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The Chat widget adds a chat button anywhere on your existing website, or embeds the ability to chat within your Customer Support Center. Beyond Desk, the Chat Widget can be added to any website, or shopping cart using the instructions below.

Here is what what the default Chat looks like when embedded on your site and an example of how you can alter the look and feel. Skip to the install instructions?

Default Chat Button - Learn how to customize the Chat Button

Default Chat Window - Learn how to customize the Chat Window

Example of a Customized Chat Window


Use the Chat Widget to add a button to your website that will launch the chat dialog:

  1. To grab the chat widget code, go to Admin > ChannelsChatWidgets and click Embed Code.

  1. A pop-up window opens that contains the widget code. Copy the Chat Widget Code and paste it in your website where you want the button to appear.


Customizing the Chat Experience for your Customers

You can customize the fields displayed on your chat form by editing your Chat Theme under WidgetsEdit. Find the HTML body:

Configuring Options

When adding the button to your site, you can change the availability of the chat button by activating one of the features in the chat widget JavaScript code:


  • offerAlways
  • The chat button is always enabled
  • offerAgentsOnline
  • The chat button is enabled if agents are logged into the system
  • offerRoutingAgentsAvailable

The chat button is enabled if at least one agent has routing enabled. To enable routing, click the "Enable Routing" link in the right hand corner of the Agent UI - this will start generating screenpops for new and open cases (including chats) that the agent has access to.

In addition, you can offer an email form if the offerEmailIfChatUnavailable feature is set to true. This will offer an Email button instead of a Chat button if chat is not available.

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