Putting the Agent's Name in the Email From Field

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Many organizations use the Agent's name in the "From" field of their email responses so that when customers receive correspondence from them, there is a more personal feel to the customer service offered which in turn makes customers happier with the service provided.

How to add the Agent's name to the Email From Field

Go to the Admin > Channels > Email >Reply Themes. Then click on your Reply Theme (System Default or click Add Theme to create a new one) to start formatting this option.

Click the name of the template you wish to modify. Change the From field to read as follows: '{{sender.name}}' <{{email.from_address}}> 

Note: this technique will work with most outgoing mail systems to set the email "friendly name" - you may need to test to see if the results are as expected on your mail server.

To set up workflow rules to send a new Reply Theme check out this article: Changing the Look and Fell of Replies