Updating Multiple Cases at Once with Bulk Update

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Note: This is an article that references the Classic Agent console. There is a Next Generation version of this article available. See Use Bulk Update with Multiple Cases.

Desk.com enables you to reply to multiple cases at once using our "bulk update" feature. With this you can perform multiple actions, like adding labels and sending a quick reply, to multiple cases with just a few steps.

Note: Bulk updates are limited to 5000 records at once during normal business hours. Off peak hours (late at night or early in the morning), you will find you can process up to 10,000 at one time.

Warning: Bulk updates cannot be cancelled once they are executed.

Performing a Bulk Update

Step 1: Perform a search to bring up the cases that you’re looking for. Alternately, you can view a filter that contains cases you want to perform a bulk update on.

Step 2: Click the checkboxes next to the cases you want to include. If you wish to update ll cases that match your search criteria, click the "All" link at the top of the case link. To apply the update to all cases, including those on the next few pages, check the "apply all" box highlighted in the image below.

Search for cases

Step 3: In the box below, select the actions that you want to perform on the cases.

Step 4: Select either “Update” if you don’t yet want to send out a response to the customers, or Update & Send when you’re ready to send the response.