Add Video and Images to your Support Center

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Embedding Videos

To start embedding videos, you first need to have scripting enabled (whitelisted). To do this, email and request scripting enablement for your site.

Once scripting has been enabled, go for it! Start sharing videos of your great products and services with customers.

  1. Go to the site that hosts your video, such as YouTube or Vimeo. Copy the Embed code for your video provided by the hosting site, as in the example below:


  1. Return to the article page in Admin > Content. Click on the Source button which displays the HTML of your article. Paste the video embed code into the article where you’d like it to appear.


  1. Once you've pasted the code, click Source again to return to the visual editor. Depending on the embed code used, you'll either see a preview of the embedded video or a blank iframe.

And this is how it would appear on in your article. 

Adding Images to Your Articles

There are a few ways to add images to your Support Center articles. When looking at an article in the editor, click on the image icon:


This will bring up the image editor. From here you have a few options:

  1. Upload an image to
  2. Upload an image hosted on another server or directly from the Internet
  3. Browse through images you have already uploaded to your library 



Start in the Upload tab of the the Image Properties pop-up.

  1. Choose the file you’d like to upload
  2. Click Send it to the Server
  1. When the image appears in the Preview window, click OK to continue.

Note: If you received the following error message while trying to upload an image, clear your browser's cache and then log back into Desk and try again.


Uploading Images from Another Server or from the Internet

Whether you store images on internal servers, use a photo hosting service such as Flickr or Imgur, or upload images directly from the Internet, click on Image Info in the image editor.  

  1. Paste the link of the image into the address bar. You'll see a preview of the image, and have the option to change the dimensions of the image: 


Browsing for Images in Your Library
  1. To access images previously uploaded to your account, click on Image Info, then Browse Server


  1. This will pull up a window with all of the images residing on the server. Select one to add it to your article.


Image Info
  1. Once your image has been uploaded, clicking into the Image Info tab allows you to customize portions of the image such as dimensions, alignment, and more. 


  1. Click on the Advanced tab for even more options. 

And here is what the finished article would look like with a video and image embedded into the main body: