Using the Translation Management System to Alert you of Outdated Translations

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When you enable multilingual content in the Knowledge Base, you can use the Translation Management System to alert you of outdated content.

Note: This feature requires the Pro Plan or above.

Understanding the current state of a KB Article

When the multilingual feature is enabled, you will see a "traffic-light"-like graphic demonstrating to you for the current article which language versions are up-to-date (needing no revision), in draft format (not displayed on your help center), outdated (out of synch with the current English revision of the article, or missing (no version of this content exists for the selected language.)

Triggering a Revision

You can trigger a revision of the translated Knowledge Base content by checking the box to "Mark translated versions of this article outdated", as seen below:


Resolving an "Outdated Revision" Message

To resolve the "Outdated Revision" Message, open the translated version of the article, make a change, and update the article.

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