Setting Priorities for Each Channel Type

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By default, sets the following priorities for each channel type:

Channel Type Priority
Phone 9
Chat 6
Facebook 5
Twitter 5
Email 4
Q&A 2

The more "real time" the channel, the higher its priority. However, you can change these priorities based on channel type automatically by creating a rule.

Create a "Change Priority" Rule

If you wish to change the priority of cases when they come into Desk, you can do so by creating a "Case Created" rule.

Here's an example rule for changing the priority of Twitter cases:

  • Go to Admin > Cases > Rules > Case Created > + Add Rule
  • Name: Twitter priority
  • Add "All Condition": Case Channel is Twitter
  • Rule Actions: Set Case Priority 10 - Critical
  • Run Rule: Anytime
  • Enabled: Yes
Case priority is used in the following scenarios:
  • Routing - If routing is enabled, the system will route cases to your agents based on their priority, creation date and assignment. Since it's possible for agents to work on more than one case at a time, any higher priority case that comes into Desk will be routed to your agents even if they are already working on another case. This helps ensure that higher priority items are handled quickly.
  • Sorting - Each case filter can be sorted by priority. This helps to put higher priority cases in easy view of your agents.