Troubleshooting Google Apps Email / Gmail issues

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If you're having issues downloading email from your Google email account (Google Apps or Gmail), there are a few troubleshooting steps that can help you identify and resolve the issue.

1. Check your System Log to see if there are any errors relevant to the issue. The System Log can be found in your Admin Panel at Admin > Settings > System. These logs can provide us with valuable insight into what may be happening in your mailbox.

In this example, the password on the Google email account is different than what is in the Desk Admin for the mailbox. This can occur when someone changes their email password without making the same change within Desk.

You can update the password within your Admin Panel (Admin > Channels > Email > Inbound/Outbound Mailboxes > "Your Mailbox") by entering the correct password and clicking on "Update" as shown below.

2.  Whether or not you have an authentication error in your log, changing the password in both locations is a great way to ensure that authentication issues aren't to blame for any issues you might encounter. You may want to make the password a bit complex by using an uppercase letters, lower case letters, numbers and symbols, such as !@#$%.

First, change the password on your Google email account. Here are instructions for changing your Google email account password: Change or reset your password.

You would want to make sure that you unlock that Captcha on the mailbox that you are troubleshooting:
Allow access to your Google account.

You can then update the password within your Admin Panel (Admin > Channels > Email > Inbound/Outbound Mailboxes > "Your Mailbox") by entering the correct password and then "Update".

3.  Sometimes the sheer quantity of emails within your inbox can cause strange problems when attempting to fetch messages. If possible, log into your Google inbox and archive as many emails as possible starting with the oldest and working forward in time. It should be noted that archiving the emails will not delete them. You can always access the archived mail when needed. Additional details can be found here: Archive or mute Gmail messages.

Preferably the mailbox would be completely empty for troubleshooting.

4.  After archiving all messages, send a test message to the address and verify that the email has been received in the Google inbox. If the email has not not arrived in your account after 15 minutes, proceed to step 5.

5.  Delete the mailbox in the Admin, and then recreate it.

Note: It may take up to an hour for the new mailbox to start pulling emails. Deleting and recreating your mailbox will only pull in the unread emails that have not yet been pulled into Desk. Any existing email cases that are already in your Desk account will not be affected.

To delete the old mailbox in your Admin (Admin > Channels > Email > Mailboxes) click on the trash bin located on the right of the mailbox thats having issues). Then follow the instructions in the first minute of this video to recreate the mailbox: Setting up Email.

6. Google has made some changes to their Gmail service in a way that it allows other systems to access the Gmail mailboxes. If you receive an error in Desk that the credentials are invalid and you are sure that they are correct, you may need to make sure that the mailbox has "Allow less secure apps" enabled. Our Desk system is secure, but with Google's recent changes this setting may be required.

Note: You must sign into Gmail using a Gmail administrator account in order to make these changes.

If you are still having trouble after trying each of the steps above, please contact Support for further instructions.

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