Advanced Case Filter Topics

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Advanced Case Filter Topics


Keywords allow you to limit filters by text fields including the case subject, description and custom fields.   For more information on keyword syntax, see the Keyword Search Syntax FAQ article

Match ALL / Match ANY

Case filters can be created to match "ALL" conditions, "ANY" conditions or a combination of both.  

All Conditions- The case needs to meet all of these conditions.

Any Conditions- The case can meet any one of these conditions.

In this example, the case filter will show all cases which are new or less than one week old and assigned to the "Supervisor" groups.  The default sort is newest first and the header bar will group items by Case Status.  Only members of the Supervisor group will be able to access this case filter.

Setting Case Filter Order

In the agent view, case filters appear in the same order as they are listed in the Admin interface.  You can change the case filter order by dragging and dropping the case filters into their desired order, as described below:

  • Navigate to the Case Filters page. To the right of each filter is a drag and drop to arrange the order of the filters in the Agent Console.
  • Rolling your cursor over this graphic changes it to a "cross-hair cursor".  
  • When in this state, you can drag and drop the case filters into their desired order.  
  • Changes are automatically saved back to the server and will immediately go into effect.  
  • Currently logged in agents will need to refresh their browsers to see the new case filter order.