Setup Notifications for Customers who Post on a Q&A Thread.

Last Updated - doesn't offer a true "subscribe" button in Q&A. As we move forward, we plan on integrating this feature. In the interim, there is a workaround that allows the author of a question to receive notifications, when new replies are submitted.

This is a two step process. First, create a new Case Notification:

Step 1:  Create Case Notification (?)

  • Name:  This is for internal purposes to identify the use of this template.  Use a descriptive name like QNA Notification
  • From:  The is the Email the notification will be sent from.  Typically the default smtp server:  {{site.smtp_from}}
    You can personalize the display name that appears in the customer inbox like this:  "CompanyABC Community Update" <{{site.smtp_from_address}}>
  • To: The recipient of the notification. Using the following liquid variable ensure the email is delivered to the creator of the question:  {{}}
  • Subject: The subject of the notification.  Using liquid you can include their Question Subject in the email, New response to your community post: "{{case.subject}}"
  • HTML Body: You can include a transcript of the responses and a link to the online article with the sample code in the attached:

Step 2: Create a Rule to Send Notification

Create a new Outbound Interaction rule that sends a notification when a new reply has been posted in the Q&A Channel. The rule should look like this:

With this rule, when an agent responds the author of the query will receive an email notification.