Create Weekend Notifications

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You can use's business rules to create notifications that are sent only during the weekend if you have an alternate schedule for your business.

Use the following steps to accomplish this task:

In the Admin panel click on the
Case Management tab, then Cases

In this example, we'll create a Custom Case text field to record the day of the week the last new Interaction was created.

1. Create the field and use "weekday" as the Key - for searching purposes - and "Date of Last Received Message" as the Name.

2. Navigate to Business Rules and create a new Interaction rule.  Select only the Email channel, and give your Rule a name.

In this example "New Interaction" business rule is used, this way cases are updated each time a rule fires. Under Rule Actions select Set Case Date of Last Received Message {{interaction.interactionable.created_at | date: '%a'}}. This code will input the day of the week in the custom case field, when the case is updated.


3. Go to Notifications and create a new notification. This notification will be used as the "Weekend notification". It can inform customers that during the weekend, Agents might have limited or no availability.


4. Create another Interaction rule that sends the newly created notification, when the custom field is either Sat or Sun. Place this rule after the rule created in step 2.