Use Companies to Manage Customers and Cases

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The “Company” feature in allows you even more control over how you interact with customers. With, you not only have the ability to manage customers associated with multiple cases, but the ability to group customers together under a single company. This article explains the basics of the Company feature and how to use it in your site.

Note: A company record is created along with the creation of a Case. It isn't created manually as a separate record. Companies are always associated with the Case and are created when the Case is created.

The Basics

When dealing with a customer, all of their current and previous cases are automatically grouped together. Sometimes, however, you may have multiple customers reporting cases who all work together for the same client or company. This is where the Company feature comes in handy. will automatically try to associate a customer with a company based on the information (such as email domain) that is available when a new case is created.

From here, you can:
  • Edit the company name that email domain is associated with. For example, you may prefer Desk instead of as the company name
  • Remove/add domains that are associated with the Company. If a company used multiple domains, they can be added here
  • Set or update custom field values
  • You can remove or change the Company associated with the customer. This allows you to manually link the Customer to a Company

Custom Fields for Companies also offers the ability to set custom fields on a company level. Sometimes it’s helpful to know, track, and retain detailed information about a specific company, customer, or case. To create custom fields for a company, navigate to the Case > Companies > Custom fields in your Admin 

Custom fields can be added for Customers and Cases as well

Blacklisted Domains

Blacklisted domains are domains that are blocked by default when automatically creating companies from incoming interactions. Company records will not be created when an interaction is received from a blacklisted domain. These domains, such as and, are filtered automatically because they are common domains of personal email accounts, rather than company email accounts.

Advanced Settings

  • Auto create companies: This controls whether a new company is automatically created when an email received from a new Customer
  • Auto assign customers: When a new customer emails you from a domain that matches an existing company (domains associated with the company), they will automatically be auto assigned to that company.
  • Auto add email domains: Automatically add email domains to Company domains.
  • Default domain blackist: this toggles on or off the list of domains automatically prevented from being created as companies (e.g.,

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