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Integrating and Salesforce and Salesforce work great together to increase consolidated communication with your customers, making life easier for your teams while providing awesome responsiveness to the outside world. There are two options available for a Salesforce integration depending on your needs. If you are looking for a bi-directional data sync between Desk and Salesforce please consider using Desk Connect.

This article will show you how to install a light integration. These are the benefits of the this light integration:
  1. View customer information from when in
  2. Run business rules in Desk based on information in Salesforce.
  3. Allow sales and support to work tightly together to provide better service to your customers.
  4. Within Salesforce you can view current and past Desk cases by customer.
  5. Within Salesforce you can create support cases in Desk.
  6. Within Salesforce you can add notes to cases, allowing collaboration between the two teams/systems.
  7. From Desk you can push leads and contacts from support cases into Salesforce.
  8. From Desk you can view accounts, contacts, and lead information from Salesforce.
  9. From Desk you can Create and run Business Rules based on data stored in Salesforce.

Integration with

Please note that you must have full administrative access to your Salesforce org to integrate with your Salesforce org.
The following articles will guide you in a step-by-step process for the Salesforce to integration:
  1. Setting up the Salesforce to Desk Integration
  2. How to show Cases within your Salesforce Org
  3. Publishing Activity to Salesforce Chatter
  4. How to import old cases into your Salesforce integration
  5. How to enable a rule using a field from Salesforce
  6. Reporting in Salesforce for Cases
  7. Displaying Salesforce Fields in Desk through the Salesforce Widget

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