Using the Visual Advanced Search

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Note: This is an article that references the Classic Agent console. There is a Next Generation Agent version of this article covered in Agent Desktop Search.

Using the Advanced Search Visual Tool

Sometimes performing complex searches can get messy. For easy, understandable advanced searching without getting tangled in syntax, you can use the advanced search visual tool. To use it, click the expand downward arrow on the search bar, as highlighted in the red box:

From here, you can search using all of the same parameters possible using syntax, like channels, labels, case status, etc. The difference is that the visual input gives you an easy way to perform complicated searches. In this example, I've searched for email cases containing the exact words "Email form", with a custom label "From Web Portal", that were created this month:

The results returned narrowed down to the exact case I was looking for - a question about email forms, created this month, with my own custom label applied to it.

Looking at the results, I can also see that the system has handily generated syntax to match the search parameters I put in. From here you can revise your search by directly editing the syntax in the search bar, or by clicking the expand arrow—which will pull up the visual search tool ready for revisions:

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