How Can I Turn On or Modify System Log Notifications?

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Behind the scenes, tracks the data coming in and out of your site in the system log. Whenever Desk runs into an issue, it logs the problem in the system log. This log can be used to troubleshoot or debug issues that pop up. For example, it could help you identify why an integration isn't working, or if an email  to a customer is stuck in the outbox.

You can sign yourself, as well as any other email address up to receive proactive notifications via email in your Advanced settings. To change or make up dates, visit: Admin > Settings > System Log > Advanced Settings. Once you're here, you can set the frequency, as well as add or remove addresses from the list. Additionally, you can turn on two types of notifications:

1) Informational emails are lower level issues that need to be looked at 
2) Warning emails are for when something is actively wrong, such as an integration being broken. 

Please note: These notifications are in regards to issues on your particular Desk account, not overall issues with the Service. Please visit for more information about how to get notified for outages for the service.