Step 2: How to show Cases within your Salesforce Org

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How to show Cases within your Salesforce Org

These instructions will show you how to show your cases within the related list within your Salesforce org.

Here is a short video showing you the procedure:

Or you can follow these screenshot by screenshot instructions:
  1. Go to the Admin Panel → Cases → Rules → Inbound Interaction

  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the list until you see "Create Case in Salesforce"

    Turn this on and change it's position to "1" and click on "save"

  3. Now go to the "Case Updated" rule bucket:

  4. And turn these two rules on and adjust their placement. If you are not using Chatter you can leave this rule off.

    Ok you are done in now you need to log into Salesforce as the Admin.
  5. Ok once logged into Salesforce navigate to an Account, or a Contact or Lead
  6. Now in the upper right corner click on "Edit Layout"

  7. No click on "Related List" in the control panel and drag it into the related list section of the layout.

  8. To finish click on "Save" in the Control Panel.

    If you are using Enterprise or Group edition, you will likely be prompted asking if you would like your changes to overwrite users' personal related list customizations.

    This is optional, but we recommend it.

    The procedure is the exactly same for any other layout you'd like to add the Related List to.

You have now enabled your Salesforce Org to view cases and case activity.

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