Logging into Desk.com Mobile Apps with Google Apps Accounts

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If you’ve configured your Desk.com site with Google Apps, you might experience problems logging into the Desk.com mobile apps if you haven’t set a password in your Admin Panel. Since the mobile apps don’t authenticate with Google Apps, you just need to make sure your Desk.com account is configured properly. 
To do this, go to your Admin Panel from a non-mobile device. Click on the Team tab. Under Users, you’ll see a list of all the accounts associated with your Desk.com. Click to edit the Google Apps synced account that you’d like to be able to login to Desk.com Mobile Apps. 
By default, Google Apps accounts won’t have a password set here. All you have to do is create a password for the desired account:
Click Update, and now the Google Apps account should be able to login to Desk.com with their email address and the password you just created, not their Google password.

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