Adding a CLOSE / CANCEL SEND option to the Email and Chat pre-send search results.

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By default, adds a "pre-create" search that searches your Knowledge Base before the customer can initially submit an Email or Chat question. We do this to proactively offer the customer the opportunity to review knowledge content instead of submitting a question without searching.

If you'd like to add a Close option in addition to the current option of "Send", you will need to make a couple of changes to the Help Center template and to have the Advanced Help Center Templates feature enabled.

Follow these instructions to add a Close Button to the Pre-Create Page in the Help Center:

  1. Login to the Admin
  2. Click the Channels tab
  3. Click Support Center / Web Templates
  4. Click the template you want to modify or create a new one
  5. Click the "Advanced Mode" button on the bottom right
  6. Click the "Chat (Pre-Create)" and/or "Email (Pre-Create)" tab on the left
  7. Add code (click here to copy the html) to close the pop-up as shown here:

    The three lines of code should be inserted directly under the <div class="inner articles"> line.
  8. Once the code is in place, you can style it or change the link as needed.