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This article gives you the necessary resource to optimize your Support Center for the best self-service experience. By combining your Knowledge Base and Questions & Answers in a single site, your customers can browse through both of these support offerings.

In this article:

Creating Content

You know what questions your customers will ask more frequently, so you know what kind of content to provide in your self-service Support Center. You can make this information an article in your Support Center, making it easy for your customers to find. See Creating Support Articles.

You can make your articles easier for your customers to understand and more dynamic by adding images and videos to your articles. See Adding Images & Videos to your Articles.

Manage Questions & Answers

The Questions & Answers channel is a forum for your agents to have a public dialogue with your customers, while also empowering customers to post public answers and assist other customers. Questions and Answers come into the system like any other case, and your agent’s responses become publicly viewable and searchable within the Support Center so that customers in the future can also benefit from the information. You can enable and manage your Q&A Channel in the Admin Panel. See Managing your Q&A Channel.

Enable Multilingual Support

In order to support your customers in all the languages that they may speak, you can use Multi-Lingual support to manage translations of your Support Center content. Desk.com supports 39 languages and you can create and manage content to support your customers by configuring Multi-Lingual Support. See Getting Started with Multilingual Support.

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