Troubleshooting - Email Sending

Last Updated - doesn't actually send the emails you use to communicate with your customers. simply connects to your provider's SMTP server to send the email messages. In the event that an email can not be sent, the message will be queued and retried until it is successfully delivered.

Where else can you find details on why the email is not sending out successfully?

In the event that the sending continues to fail, will display errors in two areas of the Admin Panel:

  1. Under Admin > Channels > Email > Outbound Mailboxes, the number of emails waiting to be sent will appear, as well as other informational messages if an error has occurred.
    (It is normal to see a few errors as we attempt to connect every minute). 
  2. In the System Log, located under Admin > Settings > System log, the details of all system logged events are displayed.

What should you do next?

To troubleshoot these email sending issues, make sure to read through the details of the logged errors on your System log page, to find more information on what may be causing the issue.

These are some of the common causes found behind Email sending errors: 

  1. Changes are required to your Outbound Mailbox SMTP Account
    Some SMTP servers require that you change your password on a periodic basis. When changing your password, always make sure to update your credentials in as well. The setting for this is located under Admin > Channels > Emails.
  2. Network Delays are preventing the emails from sending: Give it a minute queues email messages for sending and it may just be a temporary network issue connecting to the mail server. Give it a couple of minutes and you'll find that the emails will most likely send out when Desk attempts to re-send the queued messages. 
  3. You've encountered Sending Limits for your email service (most common with Google/Google Apps)
    If you are using Google as your email provider, you may have reached the sending limit. The limit is set to 500 for Standard Google Apps accounts and 2000 for Google Apps Business accounts. Check out the following article for more information: Google Help Article 
If the issue is not resolved using these methods, please contact support and let us know so we can assist further and troubleshoot your mailbox issues.

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