Coordinate Business Rules with Your Business Hours

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With, you can set Business Rules to run in relation to your organization’s Business Hours settings. This allows you to send after-hours acknowledgements, escalate key customer requests after hours, as well as reassign cases after hours.

An important notes

  • Desk cannot currently accommodate business hours when it comes to reporting.

Set Your Business Hours

To view or adjust your business hour settings:

  1. Go to Admin>Settings>Business Hours
  2. At the top of this page the current time is displayed indicating if your company is open or closed. Verify that the timezone displayed at the top of the screen is correct.

  1. If you need to adjust the settings, click Site Settings and choose the time zone that represents your company’s business hours. 

  1. Click "Update" when you're done.

Edit Business Rules

Now that your business hours are set, you can also set any new or existing Run Rules to run 24 hours a day, during business hours, or during non-business hours.
  1. To create a time rule for any new or existing Business Rule, go to Cases>Case Management>Rules
  2. In this example, let's look at an existing Inbound Interaction Rule (see, below).
  3. The Run Rule dropdown gives you a choice of “Anytime,” “During Business Hours,” or “Not During Business Hours.”

  1. Select your desired Run Rule and click "Update" when you're done.

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