Closing cases after they are Resolved for two weeks

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You may want to set cases to status Closed if they have been resolved for two weeks. To do so, you would need to create a Time rule that checks resolved cases for using the Hours since Resolved condition to find cases that have been resolved for two weeks. Time rule conditions are all specified in hours, which means two weeks equals 336 hours.

Before you create the Time rule for this scenario, you'll want to first create a Label as described here

Then, to create the Time rule, go to Admin > Cases > Rules > Time Rule > Add Rule. Name your rule and click Add to build out your conditions.

Complete the Rule by adding the following conditions:
  1. For Add "All" Condition, add "Case Status is Resolved"
  2. For Add "All" Condition, add "Hours Since Resolved greater than or equal to 336"
  3. For Add "All" Condition, add "Case Labels does not contain Archived"
  4. For Rule Actions, add "Append Case Labels Archived"
  5. For Rule Actions, add "Set Case Status Closed"
  6. Enable the rule and click Update.
Your rule will looks something like this:

Maybe two weeks is too long, or too short. Feel free to tweak the rule as needed, you can change the number based on your business needs.

Important Note for Salesforce Integration Users
The first time this rule runs, it is going to find all of the older cases that meet this criteria. This is important if you are using the Salesforce integration, as it has rate limits that you might hit when the Rule runs. You should review this document prior to enabling the Time rule.

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