As of March 13, 2020, the product is retired and no longer accessible.

Desk to Service Cloud

Lighting a path from Desk to Service Cloud

Planning Your Move

Get to Know Salesforce Terminology

Setting up your Teams Users Create your Agents as Salesforce users. In Salesforce, each user has a unique username, password, and profile. Profiles Profiles determine which tasks ...

Managing Change

Prepare your Business Note: You will need to be logged into your Salesforce Org in order to view the below linked content. Before commencing the move to Service Cloud, you will want to ensure your b...

How does communication change with my customers?

When making the move from to Service Cloud there are many elements to consider. An important area to keep front of mind is how this change will affect your customers and, more importantly, ho...

End User Training and Adoption

End User Training and Adoption While you plan for your transition from to Service Cloud, you'll want to leave time to communicate with and train your end-users, that will adjust to the ne...

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