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Implementing Service Cloud Lightning

How to customize business hour settings?

Overview Specifying your Business hours is very important, because it determines when your support team is available to handle customer cases. When your business hours are not properly setup in Sal...

Configure SAML for Salesforce Community SSO

Prerequisites License required: Customer Community, Customer Community Plus, or Partner Community for external users. Employee Apps Starter and Employee Apps Plus for Employee Communities. Fede...

How to get started Implementing Service Cloud

Success in Service Cloud With Service Cloud, you'll be able to continue to WOW your customers with fast and reliable support while keeping your own support team happy. The tools that Service Cloud ...

How to Implement Salesforce Knowledge

Enable Lightning Knowledge Enable Lightning Knowledge to use your Knowledge base in Lightning Experience. After you enable Lightning Knowledge, you can’t disable it. From Salesforce Classic Setup...

Service Cloud Custom CSAT Enablement Guide

1. Watch the following video to learn how to use and enable the custom CSAT solution included in the Service Cloud Trial Org created just for customers. 2. Download the PDF guide attached to ...

Desk to Service Cloud Trial Workbook

After signing up for the custom Desk to Service Cloud Trial created just for customers, download this workbook as your guide to customizing your setup in Service Cloud Lightning: DOWNLOAD NO...

Omni-Channel Set-Up

Omni-Channel is a flexible, customizable feature, and you can configure it declaratively—that is, without writing code. Use Omni-Channel to manage the priority of work items, which makes it a cinch to...

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