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Desk to Service Cloud

Lighting a path from Desk to Service Cloud

Implementing Service Cloud Lightning

Getting your knowledge articles live on Communities

After creating a Desk to Service Cloud Trial Org and importing your Topics and Articles from Desk using the Desk Article Migration Tool, you will likely want to make the articles that were published i...

Set up Communities

Communities are branded spaces for your employees, customers, and partners to connect. You can customize and create communities to meet your business needs, then transition seamlessly between them. ...

Set up Knowledge

Salesforce Knowledge allows you to add a a collection of articles with relevant information about your business called a Knowledgebase. Your internal agents can search for instructions on how to solve...

Setting up a Community using the Wizard had a customer facing a portal called the Support Center as a one stop shop for your customers to access knowledge article, access the private portal to see their own cases, and submit new ca...

How to Add a CNAME for to Service Cloud had the ability to use a CNAME to point your own domain name to your url using these instructions. For example, in DNS you could point at, ...

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