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Implementing Service Cloud Lightning

How to Merge cases in Service Cloud

In we had the ability to merge cases if duplicates were found. At the time this article was published, Service Cloud introduced case merge however it was only a beta as highlighted in the Sal...

How to update your logo and header image

In you could select the header and log image for your support center in the Web Theme or Advanced Theme Editor. You can do the same thing in Service Cloud Communities. These instructions wil...

How to create a record type

In by default , there was not really the concept of a record type but you could have done it with a custom field or label. In Service Cloud, you can create record types to better define the "...

How to manage duplicated records in Service Cloud

From time to time we may find there are records that are duplicated in Service Cloud. There are several ways to deal with this and the best option is to simply merge these records. Service Cloud Ligh...

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