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Case Assignment Notification

Overview Case assignment notifications make agents aware of a received case immediately when a new case enters your system. has a default notification rule that is disabled by default. If ...

Erasing Personal Information

Note: there is a Next Generation version of this article available. See Erase Case Content. ​With you're able to allow users (with the correct permissions) to delete customer communicati...

Supported Languages

Below is list of the languages and codes that supports for the support center. If you wanted setup instructions click here. Name Code Arabic ar Catalan ca Chinese - Simplified zh_c...

Preventing an Email War/Email Loop

What is an Email War or Email Loop? An email war/email loop occurs when two auto responders send emails back and forth to each other, possibly infinitely, causing countless time in cleanup and wasted ...

Customizable Support Center Widget

Overview Adding your help center and it's contact form to any page as a pop-up widget is a quick 4-step process. For a demo, click "Demo" on the left hand side of this page. Read on to create your ow...

Using Liquid in your Signatures

Overview Desk's signature feature allows you to use HTML, but what if you wanted to customize it further and use Liquid? You can use Liquid in the Email Reply theme to display a custom signature on a...

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