As of March 13, 2020, the product is retired and no longer accessible.

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Tab-Based Email Widget with Article Suggestions

The email widget is highly customizable both in terms of styling and functionality. Here at Desk, we wanted to make our widget match our brand. We also wanted it to be tab-based rather than b...

Custom Auto-Acknowledgement Theme

This is a custom theme for the Auto-Acknowledgement Email. It is styled to match the look and feel of the default email notification theme. If the private portal is enabled the My Cases link ...

HTML in Snippets

Normally, you aren't able to render HTML (such as <b> or <a>) in your snippets. But now, with a clever trick, you can! Yes, even marquee. Tread carefully, adventurer! First, create your s...

How to create an email approval process

How to create an email approval process You may have situation where you want emails to be submitted to a supervisor for review and approval before actually being sent. This article will explain how ...

Best Practices for Macros

In every good Customer Support experience, you'll find two main components: efficiency and personalization. Give your customers the right information, fast — and make them feel heard — and they'll lov...

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