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Support Center Customization

Give Your Web Theme a Responsive Design

The "Responsive Theme" is a support center theme that automatically adjusts to fit any device (from PC to phone). It features a modern style and real-time article suggest on contact form page...

Getting Fancy with your Support Center

Overview is a powerful tool, and with a little bit of HTML and tech savvy, you can make your Support Center look and feel however you want. You can implement advanced features that will crea...

Customizing your Support Center

Overview This article shows how to customize the appearance of your Support Center using simple branding changes in the Web Themes editor. You can do things like add a header image or use your com...

Providing Multilingual Support

Overview’s Multilingual Support feature allows you to use different, translated versions of your Support Center content for 53 different languages. You can display the articles in your Sup...

Advanced Theme Editor

Overview The Advanced Theme Editor allows Admins to customize the appearance of their Support Center. You can always contact us to discuss any Professional Services Design packages, such a...

Using your Own Domain Name

With you can set up your own domain for your Support Center, rather than using the provided URL. This means that customers would find your Support Center at r...

Setting Up an SSL Support Center

If you're using your own domain name for your account rather than your address (eg. rather than and you deal with sensitive information or you want y...

Create a Transparent Logo

Overview You can add a transparent logo by simply adding a little custom code to your Page Header. This will allow your logo to display without a border. Steps Go to Admin > Channels &g...

Building one Support Center for all of your Brands

This article refers to a customized setup to nest all of your brands under the one Support Center. For the standard Multibrand setup, please see this article: How to set up multiple brands in

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