As of March 13, 2020, the product is retired and no longer accessible.

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Advanced Business Processes

Advanced Case Filter Topics

Advanced Case Filter Topics Keywords Keywords allow you to limit filters by text fields including the case subject, description and custom fields. For more information on keyword syntax, see t...

Using Time Rules

You may want to use a Time Rule for cleanup tasks, sending email reminders, closing cases that have not had activity in a while, etc. Time Rules are executed against cases that have been sitting New...

Use Companies to Manage Customers and Cases

The “Company” feature in allows you even more control over how you interact with customers. With, you not only have the ability to manage customers associated with multiple cases, bu...

Create Weekend Notifications

You can use's business rules to create notifications that are sent only during the weekend if you have an alternate schedule for your business. Use the following steps to accomplish this tas...

Setting a Case Reminder

If you need to follow up on a case at a later time, you can use a custom case field and business rules to automate the reminder. By doing this, you can move the case into Pending status to remove from...

Auto Acknowledgements versus Notifications has two formats for automatically sending messages out to the system through Business Rules without agent involvement. Auto-acknowledgments (also known as auto-replies) are emails sent from...

Creating a case workflow for a mailbox or brand

When using's Email and/or Multi-Brand features, you may want to create a different workflow for each mailbox or brand's cases that keeps them grouped together within the same site. The follo...

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