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Advanced Business Processes

Creating Internal Articles

This article features the Next Gen Agent and Admin Console. You can use articles as an advantage to document internal procedure that will help your team. For example, if you have a specific process ...

How can I build an SLA in Desk?

In many support workflows, it's important to have an SLA for your customers. For those unfamiliar, an SLA is a Service Level Agreement. Essentially a timeframe when you've guaranteed your customer tha...

Coordinate Business Rules with Your Business Hours

With, you can set Business Rules to run in relation to your organization’s Business Hours settings. This allows you to send after-hours acknowledgements, escalate key customer requests after ...

Filtering Cases by Email Addresses

Overview Many organizations like to offer multiple points of email contact to their customers: maybe they use one email for Billing; another email for Support, maybe a few others for Sales and Mark...

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