As of March 13, 2020, the product is retired and no longer accessible.

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Connect your GetSatisfaction Account with Desk

Overview GetSatisfaction is a service used to maintain multiple knowledge base sources and engage with communities in additional ways beyond Desk. We make it easy to connect your GetSatisfaction comm...

Upgrading your App in Salesforce

Installing the New Salesforce Upgrade Please note that you must be have full administrative access to your Salesforce org to perform this upgrade. ​ Before you start the upgrade process, if you hav...

Send SMS Alerts with the Twilio SMS Application

Introduction: Sending Text Notifications with Twilio SMS Twilio SMS App allows you to raise awareness of cases by sending an SMS text message to key agents or supervisors. You may also use t...

How to Configure Integration URLs

Overview Integration URLs are a feature that allow your Agents to access information quickly about customers using external websites. Your Agents will see a link from within any Case, that...

Using API v2

Please Note: We recommend only using Full-Time Agents when making API calls, as Flex-Agents will be billed for their usage, which may run up additional costs. At, we believe in the API-first...

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