As of March 13, 2020, the product is retired and no longer accessible.

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Setting Priorities for Each Channel Type

Overview By default, sets the following priorities for each channel type: Channel Type Priority Phone 9 Chat 6 Facebook 5 Twitter 5 Email 4 Q&A 2 The more "real...

Definitive Guide to Rule Conditions

We have documented every Rule Type, Channel, and Condition and made a quick search filter to make it easy to find the Rule Condition definitions. Rule Conditions by Interaction Type Inbound I...

List of Liquid Variables

Overview uses Liquid (a templating language) to provide access to the data within, an individual page, or within an interaction or data field. This article summarizes the Liquid V... API

Overview maintains a REST-based API to create and update assets such as cases, customers, macros, and knowledge base articles. Note: we recommend only using Full-Time Agents when making A...

How can I block someone from emailing us?

Spam happens, it's undeniable in today's day and age. Thankfully, we have an easy way to block it in Desk, through what's called an Inbound Address Filter. Any Admin on your site can head to Admin →...

Forward Processing

Overview Forward Processing automatically detects the original sender of a forwarded email, enabling your agents to respond to the correct person by default. When a case is forwarded, the original ...

Setting A Custom Field From A URL

When linking your customers to your support center contact form, chat widget, or email widget, you can pre-fill fields on the form using query strings. A query string is a part of the URL that defines...

Connectivity Troubleshooting Guide Connectivity Troubleshooting Guide Whenever there is a site outage or general latency, you are normally notified within minutes via Twitter or email of the event by the support team...

Agent Access Levels

Overview ​As a Billing Administrator or Administrator you can define the permission levels for your Agents. This article outlines the available access levels in Desk and how to modify them in the A...

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